Mastercards Yes Program

I'm a young Canadian serial entrepreneur.  I'm one of 25 Canadian entrepreneurs selected to represent Canada at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance Summit in Berlin - and one of the youngest to be chosen. 

Thank you for all the support to assist me to get to Berlin. 

We are pleased to announce that the final winners of the Hershey Chocolate Bar Competition is Rob Cole - Newmarket and Karen Sibley, Newmarket  We will be delivering this later this week.

Many thanks again to everyone who helped.  

How my journey started.

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Joshua Clements 

young entrepreneur

MasterCard Canada's YES program propells youth entrepreneurs forward with education, networking and philanthropic programs. YES sets up the next generation of innovators, inventors and builders for success.

It's educational, creative and fun.

Just bring your imagination!

Think  •  Design  •  Build  •  Create  •  Enjoy

Our groups are very small, affording every child the opportunity to create and build. This allows children with all learning styles  and preferences to join us. 

Children as young as 8 years old can take part. We are looking forward to the spring and summer filled with children learning these new skills and experimenting with Robotics for the first time. 

​Is your child ready to take Lego to the next level? Come and join us and learn about Robotics. ​


They also learn:

  1. The value of consequential thinking, looking at patterns and predicting future outcomes
  2. Collaboration and teamwork within high-pressure situations and time constraints
  3. How to embrace problems in a 4-dimensional space
  4. Embrace the joy of invention
  5. By experimentation on their own and from their peers
  6. A sense of completion and determination

We enable students to think, design, build and program Lego Mindstorm robots in a hands-on way, working and communicating with a partner to problem solve, build and create solutions.

Parents and children can choose the way they want to learn. Classes, Summer Camps, Birthday Parties or our Online Academy. 


We challenge children's minds and open up a world of infinite possibility. Children are the leaders, designers, engineers and scientists of the future. Give them the skills now by introducing coding at an early age.


Our mission at SCI-TEK is to engage children in learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Science (STEM) in a creative, safe and meaningful learning environment. We believe that children are at their best when they are interested and engaged.