• Emergency First Responder
  • Advanced Wilderness First Aid
  • High Five – Principles of Healthy Child Development - Town of Newmarket
  • Youth 2 Youth – (Youth Entrepreneur Competition) Judge and Keynote Speaker
  • Master of Ceremonies for York Region Cub First Aid Day​
  • Master of Ceremonies for Huron Heights Science Olympics
  • Ministry of Research and Innovations - Youth Round Table Participant
  • Medvent (Rover Scout) President​
  • Designing and Teaching Robotics Programs for local libraries and Special Needs Group
  • Robotics Team Captain (School)
  • First Lego League – Advisor/Teacher at St Andrews College
  • Scout leader for local Scout group
  • Scouting Resource Teacher for Robotics
  • Medic for Scout Group – Algonquin Canoe trip – 2 weeks per year (4 years)
  • Medivent (Venture Scout ) – Vice President
  • Youth Team leader and guest speaker supporting the Mayor of Newmarket Prayer Breakfast
  • Speaker for Internet Safety to Schools and Parent Groups
  • Working towards Duke of Edinburgh Awards - Gold
  • Kim-Liaison youth between Cubs and Scouts (Weekly)
  • Youth Activity Director for Local School Parent Council meetings
  • Founder and Teacher for Qwertynomics Typing Program​
  • EnglishType Typing Software Tester and Programmer​
  • Ontario Volunteer Service Award - 2016
  • Queens Venturer Award - Scouts Canada - 2015
  • Magna - Give Back Community Award - 2015
  • Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award - 2015
  • Awesome Foundation Award - 2014
  • Chief Scout Award – Scouts Canada - 2013
  • ​MasterCard - Featured Young Entrepreneur- 2014
  • Rogers TV – Internet Safety for Children Interview - 2014
  • Rogers TV – Touch Typing for Life Interview - Founder - 2013​
  • BBC TV - David Attenborough award - planet SciCast UK Film Festival – Winner - 2009​​



Josh is a prolific volunteer for the community of Newmarket, through Scouting and other local events. He is a strong beacon and leader to others inspiring them to achieve their best. He has over 1650 hours volunteering in the community. 

He has been recently donating his time to run  Robotics Classes for children with Autism. 

Joshua has been successfully mentoring students now for over 5 years and others look up to him. He has a special understanding with students, just like him, who have a learning difference. His unique teaching approach and style allows children to learn easily and have fun. 

With interest in Engineering and will be attending University this year. 

Josh is known for his hard work and strong focus and ideas and is only 18 years old.



Robotics, Programming, Touch Typing and Coding are just some of the wonderful things Joshua teaches to individuals and small groups. Classes are held in and around Newmarket and the surrounding area including Toronto. 

He is currently working at St Andrews College instructing students with Lego Robotics.  



Josh founded Sci-tek.ca in 2014 but this was not his first taste of being an entrepreneur. He is a co-founder of Touch Typing 4 Life/Qwertynomics, and Touch Typing program designed for children and adults.  Joshua has held many roles from Teacher, Speaker, Software development designer and Network Manager.

He was the reason we started the program together, not only has he been instrumental in the building of this program he has also been through the program. This has enabled him to then teach others, especially mentoring students with learning differences in group and individual basis. 

He has just launched his own company www.Sci-tek.ca and now offers Lego Robotic classes for children and Summer Camps in combination with Qwertynomics. Children learn how to create, build and program Lego robots from scratch. They really do have a good time.

Co-Founder - Zoe Clements

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